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Casting at 6th January 2017


Charlie Freya Davis

Aneba Dylan Marshall

Magdalen Flo Lloyd

The CEO Danni Burridge

Rafi Ed Butler

Sergei Syd Sutherland

Ubsworth Jacob White

Pirouette To be cast

Hercule Guy Devine

Madame Barbue Molly Blake

Major Tib Tom Purchase Rathbone

Sigi Freya Lang

Maccomo Constance Straub

King Boris Calum Blackie

Ninu Sophia Rowlatt

Corporacy Employees Sol Shuckburgh & Isabel Trinkle


The Pride

Zoe Wallis, Lily Lister (US Charlie), Leah Moss, Teagan Gough, Abi Merryfield Day, Rose Agnew, Emily Pepper


The Show on board.Paris/Venice

Kitty Duffy, Lily Goran, Cameron Philip, Gabriel Gaser, Mery Sutherland, Erin Davis, Katie Walsh, Joanna Stewart-Valera, Amelie Ashley Timms


A theatre work inspired by the novels of Zizou Corder

Playbox Theatre 2017


Rehearsal Schedule

Sat 4th Feb - Safari trip – West Midlands Safari Park (Pride only)

Thurs 23rd Feb - 10am-4pm

Fri 24th Feb - 10am-4pm

Sat 25th Feb - 10am-4pm

Sun 26th Feb - 10am-4pm


Sun 5th March - 10am-4pm

Sun 12th March - 10am-4pm

Sun 26th March - 10am-4pm


Sun 2nd April - 10am – Full runs of show x2

Sat 8th April - Tech and dress rehearsals

Sun 9th April - Dress rehearsals


Tues 11th April - Optional dress – keep free

Thurs 13th April - Dress (PM), evening performance

Sat 15th April - 2x performances matinee/evening

Thurs 20th April - Evening performance

Fri 21st April - Evening performance

Sat 22nd April - Last performances matinee/evening


Please ensure you are available for all rehearsal dates before accepting the role. This is a large ensemble show and you will be required most of the time, although specific calls will be given well in advance.

Prompt arrival and collection is required for all cast members for rehearsal and performance calls.

Sat 4th February is a trip to West Midlands Safari Park for lion observation arranged by the part team. This is for The Pride and full details will be available soon.

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Casting SpotlightCasting_Spotlight.html